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My Son Just Became Licensed As A Tractor-Trailer Driver. I’ve Seen My Fair Share Of Big Rig Roll Over Fatalities. What Is The Safest Advice You Can Give A Truck Driver To Avoid An Accident?

Freedom comes at a high price for those who select truck driving as their career. Aside from endless sacrifices comes the hefty responsibility of driving safely. Below is safe truck driver advice recommended by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  1. Brake Early
  2. Keep Cargo Low
  3. Make Slow Turns
  4. Avoid Crack-the-Whip Steering
  5. Don’t Skid to Prevent Jackknifing
  6. Make Extra-Wide Turns

If you are involved in a truck accidents, contact the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld P.A to schedule a free consultation.

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