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My daughter was killed as a pedestrian when a taxi cab driver hit her. What are my family’s rights and what should I do next?

We are very sorry to hear of your loss and extend our deepest condolences to you and the rest of your family. As an immediate family member of the deceased, you do have a right to bring a legal claim against the cab company and driver for your loss. If your daughter was killed as a result of something a cab driver did or due to a malfunctioning car, you definitely have a wrongful death lawsuit on your hands.

Cab drivers are notorious for running red lights, speeding, and driving distracted. This is why it is important that you act quickly and hire a lawyer as soon as possible because cab companies have a way of destroying evidence that could be crucial in your case. By getting an attorney involved right away, a lawyer will be able to speak with witnesses and preserve as much evidence as possible. Also, it is good to do this so you can focus on grieving and healing while a lawyer focuses on handling your lawsuit.

To speak with a trusted wrongful death attorney in South Florida, contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld for a free consultation at 866-9 HELP NOW or 866-943-5766.

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