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Is It True That Florida A&M University Is Blaming The Drum Major Hazing Victim For His Own Wrongful Death?

Question: Is it true that Florida A&M University is blaming the drum major hazing victim for his own wrongful death?

Answer: After being beaten to death by his marching band colleagues, recent court documents reveal that A&M have appointed blame to Robert Champion for his own wrongful death.

According to the university, members of the marching band are asked to sign a routine waiver of some sort, agreeing to the practice of being harassed and hazed. A&M has in as much also removed any blame not only from themselves, but also from the individuals that beat Champion to death. The school continued to defend itself by explaining that Champion did not attempt to defend himself or report the incident.

Despite their attempt to shift blame, A&M has offered to pay the Champion family $300,000 to drop their Florida wrongful death lawsuit. This amount reflects the maximum that the university is allowed to offer without approval from Florida legislature.

If someone you love was killed through no act of their own or through the malicious actions of others you may have a lawsuit. Contact Attorney David M. Benenfeld to get answers to your questions.

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