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I’m A New Bicycle Enthusiast. I Ride My Bike To Work Every Day. What’s The Most Important Thing I Can Do To Avoid Getting In A Bicycle Accident?

Although bicyclists may have many of the same rights as motorists, it’s important for them to remember that they are not a car, and are not viewed as having the same rights as a car driver. Below is a list of helpful suggestions that will help you avoid being the next bicycle accident statistic.

  1. Be Seen: Since cars are about 7 times larger than people, make sure you take extra measures to be visible by using reflective clothing and lights.
  2. Take Side Streets: Most bike-car accidents occur on busy streets at busy intersections. Budget some extra time for your ride to include a back route away from traffic.
  3. Use Your Arms: Bicycle riding is not hassle free. Remember to use your arm signals to avoid unexpected collisions and check your mirrors first to prevent your arm from being struck.
  4. Pull-Out the Earplugs: Your music may enhance your ride but it doesn’t keep you safely aware of oncoming traffic. Disconnect to be safe.
  5. Use the Whole Lane: This tip isn’t for everyone. If you are able to keep up with traffic, you are safer in the center of the lane rather than behind or beside a car.

Contact David M. Benenfeld if you have been injured in a bike wreck involving other drivers. We offer a free initial consultation.

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