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I was injured in a bus accident. Can I sue the bus company or the government for not requiring busses to have seat belts?

It is unfortunate that there has not been a law requiring buses to have seat belts. As a result, many passengers have suffered needless injuries. Because thousands of people suffer injuries in bus accidents every year, the government has decided to improve bus safety by passing a new law that will require seat belts on all new motorcoaches, tour buses, and large buses that transport passengers between cities. Although this law will not take effect until November 2016, it is a good step in the right direction in improving passenger safety on buses.

While transportation officials have known about the serious and even fatal injuries in bus accidents as a result of the lack of seat belts, you probably won’t be able to sue the government for your injuries. Your injury claim will likely be against the bus company.

For example, the bus driver could have run a red light, or the crash could have been caused by another negligent act by the driver. On the other hand, the bus accident that caused your injuries could have been the result of a mechanical failure or a poorly serviced bus. Although a seat belt may have minimized your injuries, if the negligence of the driver or bus company was the cause of the collision then your claim is with the motorcoach company.

If you would like to learn how to hold the bus company liable and collect the compensation you deserve following a bus accident in Florida, contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld at 866-9 HELP NOW or 866-943-5766 to speak with a South Florida personal injury lawyer today in a complimentary consultation.

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