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I Was In A Motorcycle Crash With Another Car And Didn’t Have My Helmet On. Can Not Wearing A Helmet Hurt My Personal Injury Case?

A: The state of Florida does not require a motorcycle helmet be worn, unless you 20-years-old and younger. If you are over 21 and the motorcycle crash was due to the negligence of the other driver, it shouldn’t matter whether you weren’t wearing your motorcycle helmet. However, the lawyer for the other side may show that not wearing a motorcycle helmet was careless and will try to paint your character as irresponsible. This is why you will need to have an experienced Florida motorcycle attorney on your side.

Do not attempt to settle this case on your own.Motorcycle accidents produce serious injuries that can even show up later down the line.It is important to turn to a skilled motorcycle accident attorney to rely on in this situation, so that you can get as much compensation as possible in your case.

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