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I Just Started Riding A Motorcycle. How Can I Best Protect Myself From Injury?

Motorcycle accidents can have devastating effects. Take these precautionary steps to prevent getting in a motorcycle accident in Florida.

1.    Always wear a helmet. Prevent head trauma by wearing a helmet at all times, including helmets for passengers.
2.    Don’t drink and drive. Most motorcycle fatalities involve alcohol. Stay dry.
3.    Be seen. Wear a reflective patch on your back and don’t make sudden turns.
4.    Don’t weave. Lane splitting and changing lanes catch drivers off guard.
5.    Avoid dangerous roads with hazardous conditions such as rain and potholes.
6.    Slow down. Avoid speeding and tailgating.
7.    Experience. Younger drivers get in more accidents because of lack of experience.

It is likely that motorcycle accident victims suffer from chronic pain, emotional trauma, as well as rising medical costs and loss of wages. If you have sustained injuries in a Broward County motorcycle accident, you will need legal assistance in filing your claim for compensation and in negotiating with insurance companies.

If you have been injured, contact your Broward County Motorcycle Accident Attorney to assist you achieving a successful claim for your injury. Call Law Office of David Benenfeld for a FREE consultation to help you with your claim. Call: 954-677-0155.

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