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I Have Had Severe Back Problems Living In Fort Lauderdale, And It Has Now Gotten To The Point I Can Barely Walk. It Is Getting Worse And I Am Having Trouble Getting To Work And Moving Around. Can I Qualify For Disability Benefits With This Condition?

A: Back pain can cause several different problems including the ability to walk as well as doing routine daily activities.

If the problem is getting worse and you are having problems at work as a result of the pain, you may be eligible for disability benefits.

There are many things that the Social Security Administration will review before approving a case. It is important that you seek medical treatment to first see if your back problem can be helped. Make sure that you start a file that includes all your treatments, exams and reports.

If you are not getting any relief from your pain, it is important that you contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale disability attorney to review your records. A skilled Broward County disability lawyer will request medical records reports from your physician to help build your case for submission.

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