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I Have A Rare Heart Disease And I’m Unable To Work. How Can I Find Out If My Condition Is Covered By Social Security Disability?

To acquire the most comprehensive disability benefits possible, it is vital to contact a qualified Broward County Social Security Attorney who specializes in Disability and Heart Disease.

Social Security realizes that not every serious condition falls under the SSA’s listing of impairments. Since July of 2011, the SSA implemented the Compassionate Allowances (also known as CAL), which provides disability for serious diseases including some below:

  • Rare diseases, cancers, traumatic brain injury, stroke, early Alzheimer’s, dementias, schizophrenia, cardiovascular disease, organ transplants, autoimmune disease, and many others

The less common types of heart disease include but are not limited to those listed below:

  • Aortic Atresia, Eisenmenger Syndrome, Endomyocardial Fibrosis, Heart Transplant Graft Failure, Heart Transplant Wait List 1A/1B, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, LVAD Recipient, Mitral Valve Atresia, Primary Cardiac Amyloidosis, Pulmonary Atresia, Single Ventricle, and Tricuspid Atresia

To qualify for Florida Social Security benefits it is crucial that the patient meet with a skilled attorney that understands how to navigate the intricate and complicated system of Social Security. Contact the Law Office of David Benenfeld for a FREE consultation to help you with your claim for Social Security benefits. Call: 954-677-0155.

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