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How To File A Defective Tire Claim In Fort Lauderdale

Question: We were on our way to Fort Lauderdale and had a tire blowout.  One of the tires exploded.  We lost control of the car and crashed into the block wall on the side of the freeway.  The tires were bought a couple of months ago.  How do we know if the tire was defective?

Answer: Many tire blowouts can be caused by elements in the road such as sharp objects puncturing the tire, hitting curbs, low tire pressure or driving with a tire that is worn out over time.

There are times that a tire blowout is caused by a defect in the tire, such as the design or a construction flaw by the manufacturer.

If a tire’s tread separates, it can be traced to any number of malfunctions or mistakes in the construction process. When a tire tread separates under high speed, the results are often fatal.

An accident that was due to a tire defect in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere that resulted in causing bodily harm to anyone needs to be investigated.   It is important to speak with a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney as soon as possible to see if you can recover your damages from the tire or vehicle manufacturer.

The Law Office of David Benenfeld can help you with your tire blowout case.  It is important to work with a Florida personal injury attorney to evaluate your situation.

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