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How Do I Avoid A Broward County Truck Accident?

Question: There’s practically nothing I detest more than sharing my morning commute with the plethora of big trucks on the highway. I feel like a little bug that’s forced to share the forest with Big Foot…and it’s just a matter of time before I get squished. What advice can you give me to avoid getting in a Broward County trucking accident?

Answer: Your description of a small bug sharing the forest with Big Foot paints a realistic picture of sharing the I-95 with overloaded trucks. When trucks are overloaded, they put other drivers at high risk for severe injury and often death. Most people don’t know how to respectfully share the road with trucks, so you are wise to be willing to learn.

How to Avoid Being Involved in Overloaded Trucking Accidents?

  1. Be extra alert – truck drivers abide by an entirely different set of rules
  2. No taking cuts – overloaded trucks require more time to brake
  3. Don’t brake suddenly if you have a large truck behind you
  4. Stay out of the truck’s blind spots

Truthfully, even if you follow the precautions listed above, you are still an easy target for an overloaded trucking accident. If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident in South Florida, you need a qualified South Florida Truck Accident Attorney.

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