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How Do Accidents With Trucks Differ From Crashes With Other Automobiles?

Many people do not realize that car accidents and truck accidents in Florida are not equal. While serious and even fatal injuries can occur in each type of crash, trucking accidents are typically far more severe. Due to the sheer size and weight of the semi truck involved, occupants in the smaller vehicle often suffer more serious injuries.

In addition to the severity of the crash, there is a lot more at stake in crashes with 18-wheelers and a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than in car accidents. Trucking companies have lawyers and insurance companies looking at every aspect of the accident in order to limit their liability and avoid having to pay victims what they should. They will begin investigating the crash immediately, and sometimes they may even misplace or destroy evidence that could hurt their case.

Because trucking companies have thousands of dollars on the line and have the manpower to fight claims, it is far more important to hire a South Florida personal injury attorney following a crash with a semi. Especially if you don’t want critical evidence to be destroyed, having an attorney on your side who is familiar with the federal regulations that applies to the trucking industry can benefit your case.

Talk with a lawyer to find out if you have a valid claim. Once an attorney reviews your case, he will be able to let you know if negligence occurred on the part of the truck driver, trucking company, maintenance company, or another party. Contact David Benenfeld to see how we can help today.

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