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Does Obesity Qualify For Florida Social Security Benefits?

Question: My mom has been diagnosed by her Broward County doctor with morbid obesity. It’s gotten to the point that she can’t even hold a job. Do you know if she qualifies for Social Security disability benefits based on obesity?

Answer: Yes and No. Yes, your mom may qualify for Florida Social Security disability benefits, but probably not based on her obesity alone. The SSA will determine if the obesity condition has caused other severe impairments. For example, does she have any other serious health conditions such as diabetes, depression, osteoarthritis, or liver disease?

Typically, South Florida residents who struggle with obesity also have other conditions, that when combined with obesity, make it difficult for them to work.  At this point, it will be absolutely essential for your mother to maintain detailed medical records from her doctor in order to prove that her symptoms are serious. Once she has accomplished that, it will be imperative to seek expert legal advice from a qualified Broward County disability attorney that specializes in obesity.

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