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Do You Think Florida’s Background Checks For Gun Purchases Will Prevent Mass Shootings?

Florida ranks as the most gun friendly state in the country. But just how safe does that make the average Broward County citizen feel? To live with the reality that odds are that your neighbor has a gun permit doesn’t always help you sleep better at night. That’s precisely why the majority of Floridians want strict background checks before someone is given the opportunity to buy a gun.

A recent poll by Quinnipiac University, exposed that when it comes to performing universal background checks on individuals buying guns, 91% of Florida voters voice YES! Just this December, the state of Florida ranked first in our nation, holding over one million permits to carry a concealed weapon. As it appears, the majority of Floridians pursue their right to bear arms but show exuberant desire to ensure that the right only be given to mentally stable individuals. Those against any form of gun control express that background checks will only serve to big-brother innocent Americans and monitor daily activities, such as where you ate lunch, what church you attend, and at what precise hour you fill up your tank with gas.

Whether background checks will actually prevent someone with a criminal background or mental illness diagnosis from purchasing a gun is still up for great debate. At any rate, everyone agrees that greater monitoring should occur across wider sites, such as purchases at gun shows, on the internet, and any personal gun sales.

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