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Are Senior Citizens Safer On Foot Or Behind The Wheel In Broward County?

New research on wrongful death of pedestrians shows that older people are five times more likely to be killed while walking than those who are younger.

For decades people have cringed at the thought of allowing certain aging seniors to drive behind the wheel. Vital driving skills are thought to diminish with age, such as vision, hearing, response time, and ability to properly predict speed and distance.  Along with these assumptions comes the urging of many family members to encourage their aging parents to walk to the market instead of drive. But, current research reveals we may have misjudged our often wiser aging baby boomers.

The Journal of Geriatrics Society revealed that many older people are wrongfully killed while using the crosswalk, simply because they aren’t given enough time to make it across. When statistics were analyzed and compared, more elderly people were killed walking than driving.

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