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Are Nursing Home Residents At Risk For Becoming Victims Of Tax Fraud?

Miami’s older residents have most recently been identified as top priority to the newly appointed FBI Chief Michael Steinbach. Following only second to arresting South Florida violent extremists, Steinbach recently announced the division’s next plan of attack is income tax fraud.

As it turns out, Florida is leading the country in income tax fraud and since over 20% of the population is older citizens, they are prime targets for not only healthcare fraud but also income tax fraud. Nursing home residents are susceptible to having their identities and Social Security numbers stolen, making them at risk for financial abuse. According to chief Steinbach, the perpetrators are previously convicted drug dealers who opt for shorter sentencing that results from income tax fraud.


If you feel like your elderly parent or loved one has become a victim of tax fraud, contact the Law Office of David M. Benenfeld. We can help answer your legal questions.

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