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After Enjoying An Active Professional Lifestyle In Broward County For Many Years, I Was Recently Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis. Now My MS Symptoms Are Worsening And Im Finding It Difficult To Keep Up With My Work Load. Is It Possible For Me To Receive Social Security Benefits Because I Have Multiple Sclerosis?

A: As you already know, managing Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in Broward County is a bit of a juggling act. Symptoms are often unpredictable, depending on the course of your particular illness. At some point you may realize you need to make changes for the sake of your health.

You may have enjoyed a challenge in the past, but this may be an opportunity to seek quality assistance to apply for Social Security benefits.  An experienced Broward County disability attorney can offer you the advice that you need in this process.

The Social Security Administration specifically recognizes Multiple Sclerosis as a chronic impairment that can cause disability and prevent an individual from working (Section 11.09). In processing your claim, several key criteria are required to award benefits to individuals diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Ask Yourself:

  1. Does my illness make it hard for me to walk?
  2. Has my MS hindered my vision beyond glasses?
  3. Has the MS made it hard for me to concentrate?
  4. Am I frequently over-tired, and fatigued?
  5. Is my speech slurred sometimes?
  6. Do I have difficulties performing basic tasks due to my MS?

If you have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in Broward County you may be eligible to receive Social Security benefits.

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