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A Pharmacist Gave My Mother The Wrong Pills That Interacted With The Medication She Was Already Taking And Caused Her Death. Do I Have A Legal Case Against That Pharmacy?

I am very saddened to hear about your loss and hope that my answer can shed some light for you in some way. As a Florida wrongful death lawyer, I understand that you want to seek justice against the negligent pharmacy involved for what happened to your mother. You may be entitled to bring a lawsuit against that pharmacist and pharmacy involved; however, wrongful death cases are complex, and all angles need to be looked at for liability.

Did the pharmacist fill the correct drug that the doctor prescribed? If so, your mother’s doctor may also be liable for not checking what medications your mother was already taking that could interact with the new prescription he prescribed. However, a doctor will not be liable if the pharmacist gave your mother the wrong prescription entirely.

If your mother always went to the same pharmacy to get her prescriptions filled, then that pharmacy may be liable for not checking what other medications your mother was taking. Additionally, did the pharmacist provide your mother with counseling? If not, this negligent action could have contributed to failing to catch the fatal drug interaction that led to your mother’s death.

Doctors and pharmacies responsible for wrongful death in Florida can be held accountable through a wrongful death lawsuit, in which victims’ families could recoup costs for medical expenses, funeral expenses, pain and suffering and more. To find out more about your rights and what parties are responsible in your mother’s situation, please call a Broward County wrongful death lawyer.

The Law Office of David Benenfeld can investigate your claim, provide you with your rights, and help you seek compensation and justice through a wrongful death claim. Call 954-677-0155 for a free consultation today.

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