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Family Dollar Workplace Injuries


Family Dollar stores in South Florida offer Floridians places to shop for discounted groceries, household necessities, and even apparel. Often, Family Dollar stores are the only nearby retail stores where individuals can shop for groceries and necessities, and these chains require workers to remain open for neighborhood shoppers. According to the Family Dollar and corporate Dollar Tree website (the same company owns the two chains), Family Dollars stores “are conveniently located in neighborhoods, and often in “food deserts” where other stores choose not to locate, providing a convenient, close-to-home option where customers can shop for essentials.”

When a work injury occurs at a Family Dollar store, it is important to seek advice from a Pompano Beach workers’ compensation attorney who can help. The sooner you get in touch with a lawyer, the sooner you may be able to obtain the benefits you need, including wage-replacement benefits while you recover from your workplace injury.

Various Work Injury Risks in Family Dollar Stores in Florida

Given that Family Dollar stores sell a wide range of products in a manner typical of neighborhood variety store chains, employees must work with a range of products and perform various services while at work. At Family Dollar stores, employees perform tasks similar to those of other grocery store workers, such as helping customers at the cash register, unloading products and stocking shelves, and cleaning up spills in grocery aisles. Yet they also work with a wide range of other products and assist many types of customers.

The following are common types of accidents and injuries that can impact Family Dollar employees:

  • Slip, trip, and fall injuries;
  • Repetitive motion injuries;
  • Overuse and lifting injuries;
  • Transportation-related accidents;
  • Warehousing injuries;
  • Stocking and shelving accidents;
  • Traumatic brain injuries, including concussions;
  • Back and shoulder injuries;
  • Broken bones;
  • Sprains and strains; and
  • Assault-related injuries (typically involving angry customers).

Steps to Seek Compensation for a Family Tree Work Injury 

What should you do after you sustain a work injury at a Family Dollar store in South Florida? Whether you get hurt at a Family Dollar or another type of variety store or supermarket, you should take the following steps in order to obtain workers’ compensation coverage:

  • Document the area or scene where your workplace accident occurred, including the cause of the injury — such as photos or videos of a liquid spill on an aisle floor where you slipped and fell, or images of boxes that fell while you were stocking shelves (do not worry if your injury is an occupational disease such that you do not have this kind of documentation, since medical evidence will be more important for this type of case);
  • Note the names of anyone who witnessed your workplace accident, including co-workers, supervisors, or even customers;
  • Report the injury to your supervisor (such as your manager) as soon as possible, but within 30 days at the very latest;
  • Obtain information about approved providers and seek medical attention from an approved provider; and
  • Get in touch with a Pompano Beach workers’ compensation attorney for assistance.

Contact Our Pompano Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyers 

Whether you were injured at a Family Dollar store or another variety goods store or supermarket chain, you could be eligible to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. An experienced Pompano Beach workers’ compensation lawyer at the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. can talk with you today about your work injury and can help you to seek the benefits you need. Contact us today to discuss your workers’ compensation claim.


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