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Examples Of Slip And Fall Accidents At Fast Food Restaurants In Florida

When people go into fast food restaurants they expect to order their food and eat it quickly or take their food to go. Never do they expect to find themselves face down on the ground. However, slip and fall accidents in Florida fast food restaurants are the reality for some people due to wet and slippery floors and hazardous conditions.

Some examples of fast food slip and fall accidents include:

  • McDonald’s was sued after a woman alleged that she slipped and fell on a wet floor, sustaining serious injuries. The injured customer sued McDonald’s for negligence, failure to warn of hidden dangers and breached duty of care.

  • Taco Bell of America LLC was sued after a woman slipped and fell in water in the women’s restroom. She sued Taco Bell for failing to inspect the premises for dangerous conditions and failing to fix or warn of the dangers. As a result of the fall, the woman alleges she suffered serious injuries and was seeking damages for loss of consortium and punitive damages.

These two cases are not unique. Many fast food restaurants have been sued due to slip and fall accidents and injuries on their premises. When companies are negligent in cleaning and the upkeep of their floors and premises, needless injuries can occur.

If you have suffered a hip fracture, broken bone, scarring, disfigurement, head trauma, or any other injury as a result of wet floors and hazardous conditions, you may have a Florida premises liability lawsuit for your damages. To speak with a knowledgeable South Florida slip and fall attorney about your injury claim, you should contact the Law Office of David Benenfeld for a free consultation at 954-677-0155.

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