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Even New Tires Can Lead To Florida Motorcycle Accidents If Wax Isn’t Removed

Many people assume that a tire-related motorcycle accident could never occur on new tires or with a new bike, but it is possible. Although most tire-related motorcycle crashes happen due to old, worn out tires and lack of maintenance and care, there have been some wrecks involving new bikes and new tires.

Whether you have bought a new bike, have purchased new tires, or had a dealership put a new rear tire on your motorcycle, it is possible that a motorcycle can slide right out from under you. This is because new tires come with wax or a glaze on them that can cause them to be slippery and have less traction.

Why Is There a Waxy Glaze on New Motorcycle Tires?

The glaze on the tires is a chemical residue that occurs from the molding process. The reason this coating is put on the tires is so they will pop out of the tire mold easily. Eventually, the slippery residue wears off, but it could take up to 50 to 100 miles for it to be fully worn off.  While this is standard in the manufacturing process, and manufacturers will recommend easy riding for the first 100 miles, it is not safe for real world riding.

Because of the layer of wax left on new motorcycle tires that makes them slippery, dealers should try and remove the wax from the tires before customers get on the road. According to a June 2006 article in Motorcycle Consumer News, dealers can use an old tire to scuff the waxy surface off the new tire by spinning the new tire on a wheel balancer.

The Sad Reality of Slippery, New Tires

Unfortunately, a lady who had been riding for over twenty years was in a motorcycle accident after she had a dealership put a new set of tires on her bike. On her way home, she made a slight turn and her bike slid out from underneath her, causing her to crash and suffer serious injuries. Sadly, this situation isn’t unique. Many others have slid out and crashed, hitting their heads and suffering injuries due to slippery, new tires.

Motorcycles, especially new ones, should be safe and predictable in case a rider needs to swerve or stop suddenly. If you have been injured in a Florida motorcycle accident due to new, slippery tires, the dealer or manufacturer may be liable. Please contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale at the Law Office of David Benenfeld for a free consultation 954-677-0155.

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