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Essential Tips for Dealing with Insurance Companies after an Accident

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While most motorists in Florida carry some form of automobile insurance; not all do. That is why the state relies heavily on PIP insurance policies, so that minor automobile accidents do not become costly and time-consuming with litigation.

Regardless, you have rights. Whether dealing with your own or another person’s insurance company, you must know those rights and how to properly communicate your rights with the insurance claims adjusters.

What Should You Do if Contacted by the Insurance Company?

If the insurance company does contact you, it is imperative that you act appropriately. You must realize that insurance companies are businesses and they have their own agenda. They are there to prioritize their needs over yours. Also, while they might be friendly, they are consistently looking for ways to undercut you and even deny your claim altogether.

Give Your Insurance Company Proper Notice

You must contact your own insurance company within so many days of the accident and notify them of the incident. Refer to your policy for the exact amount of time, but the sooner the better. If you wait too long, you may be unable to file a claim with your insurance company and they will have the right to deny you.

Keep Records of Everything

You should keep records of each time you speak to the insurance company – whether it’s your own, or the other party’s. Be sure to write down their name, phone number, date and time of the contact, and what you discussed. You should not give them more information than necessary, and for any requests on statements, refer them to your attorney.

Keep Records of Your Medical Care Too

While you are keeping records, you should also keep records of all things related directly to your case. These items can include:

  • Medical bills
  • Out-of-pocket costs
  • Copies of the police report
  • Letters or emails that you receive regarding the accident
  • Car repair estimates and bills for property damage repair/replacement

Only Make Statements Regarding the Facts of the Case

When you are approached by the insurance company, only give them information about the facts of the case. They might ask for a statement, and even then, you can decline until you have your attorney present. If you wish to answer their questions, only answer facts like the date and time the event occurred, who was involved, damage to your vehicle, and the diagnosis from the doctor thus far. Do not elaborate on any details past that point.

Before Dealing With Your Insurance Company, Hire an Accident Attorney

The best way to defend yourself against insurance companies and their tactics is to hire an lawyer. When you contact an accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident, they can handle the negotiations while you focus on your recovery.

To explore your options and have an advocate by your side, speak with a lawyer from The Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld P.A. today. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation now at 954-677-0155 or request more information online.

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