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Drunk Driver Endangers Daughter, Other Drivers In Delray Beach

The Associated Press recently reported on a woman driving under the influence of alcohol in Delray Beach. Teresa Odom was pulled over Tuesday night by police after she was spotted swerving in and out of lanes on Federal Highway heading south. Even more disturbing than the danger Odom put herself and other drivers in by driving while drunk, she endangered the life of her 4-year-old daughter who was in the back seat.

Thankfully, police stopped Odom before anyone was seriously injured or killed due to her extreme recklessness. In addition to being arrested for DUI, she was charged with child neglect.

Despite strict laws and penalties for drunk driving, it still happens on roads and highways throughout Broward County. It’s a scary thought, but also a fact that anytime you take to the roads, you may be at risk for serious injuries and grave harm due to a drunk driver.

Serious injuries due to drunk driving accidents leave adults as well as children severely disabled every year. Although they’re thankful to survive, their lives are permanently changed, almost invariably for the worse. Instead of working to earn an income, many who are disabled long term must rely on SSDI. In Ft. Lauderdale, Social Security Disability Insurance is the only way they can get by financially.

Even if you become disabled through no fault of your own as in the case of a drunk driving accident and you would much prefer to be able to work, there’s no guarantee you’ll be approved to receive SSDI. In fact, the majority of those who apply are denied on their first application.

Hopefully drunk drivers like Teresa Odom will never harm you or a member of your family. But if such a tragedy does happen in Ft. Lauderdale to you or someone you know, you can count on a Social Security Disability Insurance lawyer to help you obtain the insurance funds you’re entitled to.

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