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Do You Know Not To Drive In A Truck’s No-Zones?

You probably drive next to or near large commercial trucks on a daily basis around Fort Lauderdale. From city streets to highway driving, semi trucks are constantly on the road delivering products to stores. Unfortunately, big rigs are often involved in trucking accidents with cars sharing the roads with them.

While many Florida truck crashes occur due to a trucker’s drowsy driving, distracted driving, or impaired driving, some wrecks occur because truck drivers move over on cars that are traveling in their “No-Zones”.

What Is a No-Zone?

No Zones are certain locations around large trucks that motorists shouldn’t be traveling in. These zones are considered blind spots, in which truck drivers cannot see cars. Commercial trucks have:

  • Side No-Zones
  • Rear No-Zones
  • Front No-Zones

This means that when a car is situated at a certain spot to the side of a truck or directly in the rear, a truck driver won’t be able to see that vehicle because the car is essentially in its blind spot. Unfortunately, more than 410,000 crashes every year are caused due to blind spots, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

While it is inevitable that you will at some point be in a truck’s No-Zones, it is important for you to know not to linger there. Unfortunately, a truck can switch lanes directly into your car, leaving you with serious injuries. This is why it is critical that you speed up to pass a truck or slow down to make sure a truck driver can see you in his side mirrors.

Drivers of vehicles have the right to share the road with large trucks and to pass trucks. If a truck driver failed to signal or was negligent—causing your crash—you have rights to seek a financial compensation for your injuries. Contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld to learn about your legal rights in a free case consultation with an accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale today at 954-677-0155.

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