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Dismissing Injuries: The Problem With Independent Medical Exams

A recent three-part series on independent medical exams by the New York Times found that they are often disproportionately biased against the patient. Here are four problems the report discovered about the independent exam process.

  • Doctors who work as medical examiners are chosen by insurance agencies. These doctors are often semiretired and frequently lack the training necessary to accurately diagnose disability injuries.

  • The exam is often perfunctory at best. Patients report receiving six page-exams after being seen for only a few minutes. These reports are even signed by doctors who they never saw face-to-face.

  • A 2004 study concluded that the opinions of the patient’s personal physician and the medical examiner are almost never the same.

  • These biased exams can have huge consequences for the patient, as these decisions can result in slashed benefits, stalled cases or even the withholding of benefits. Patients also report a psychological effect as it can be very difficult to be in pain, while doctors argue otherwise.

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Source: MorgueFile

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