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Different Attorneys For Different Needs

If you find yourself in the lamentable situation of needing an attorney for a wrongful death suit, you will need to ask a few questions in order to find the best Ft. Lauderdale wrongful death lawyer for your situation.  The legal issues that surround a wrongful death case are varied and complex, so you will want to find an attorney that has experience in cases that are similar to the one through which you are suffering.  Pharmaceutical-related deaths should be handled by an attorney that has dealt with many pharmaceutical cases, while workplace-related deaths should only be handled by attorneys that have experience with this area.  The more experienced your attorney is in the particular field, the more likely you are to experience victory in the courtroom.

You should keep in mind that hiring an attorney may not be as expensive as you think.  Many people will shy away from retaining counsel because they are afraid of the massive bill they might receive.  In the case of injury and wrongful death, however, many attorneys do not charge a fee unless they win the case and a settlement is reached.  The fee is then taken from the compensation that is recovered from the negligent party.  This is a fairly common practice, so be sure to watch out for any attorneys that require up front retainer fees or try to charge you for any reason before the case goes to trial.  However, you should remember that a wrongful death case can be expensive to take to trial, so the attorneys that you choose should be able to carry the expense of the trial through to the judgment.  This will also ensure that your lawyers will not settle for less than you deserve, just to collect their fee.

Communication is key in a wrongful death case.  Be sure that you are able to reach your lawyer personally whenever you need to.  If you discover that you are always speaking with an assistant and never the attorney, then you may need to step back and reevaluate your need for that particular attorney.  You also want to be sure that you receive the same level of service throughout the entire case.  Many law firms will assign your case to a partner so that they can reel you in, but then pass you off to a less experienced lawyer once the case begins.

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