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Florida Accidents Caused by Defective Motorcycles Lawyer

A driver in a Florida motorcycle accident is often blamed for the accident by police officers when, in reality, the blame may lie upon the manufacturer of the motorcycle. If having a motorcycle collide with another vehicle isn’t traumatic enough, sustaining a serious injury, or even wrongful death, is often impossible to recover.

Under federal law, motorcycle manufacturers are held responsible for fixing or replacing any product defect that may contribute to safety issues. If someone has been victimized by an injury from a motorcycle accident, a qualified South Florida motorcycle attorney can help determine if the there was a malfunction or defective part.

Motorcycle manufacturers may volunteer to recall defective parts, but they don’t usually issue a recall until the malfunction has caused numerous deaths and serious injuries.  That’s true in large part because recalls are incredibly costly to the company. Hence, it may be that the motorcycle has defective parts, and the owner is unaware because it has yet to be recalled. Below is a list of common defective motorcycle parts that cause accidents.

Defective Motorcycle Parts

  1. Tire failure
  2. Helmet defect
  3. Brake failure
  4. Chain failure
  5. Throttle failure
  6. Derailer failure
  7. Defective pedals
  8. Defective toe clips
  9. Improper assembly
  10. Shock absorber failure

Motorcycle accidents can cause devastating physical injuries, even wrongful death. It’s hard to imagine that something as easy as recalling a defective motorcycle part, that could prevent injury or death, would be ignored for the sake of cost. Listed below are common injuries sustained from Broward County motorcycle accidents that could have been caused by defective parts.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

  1. Road Rash-often requiring skin grafting, scarring, and lengthy hospital stays
  2. Disfigurement-facial scarring, teeth damage, intense pain, plastic surgery
  3. Fractures-very common, causing nerve and tendon damage
  4. Spinal Cord-causing partial or complete paralysis
  5. Head Trauma-concussion and brain injury that may be fatal

Aside from the physical injuries listed above, it is likely that the victim is also suffering from chronic pain, emotional trauma, as well as rising medical costs and loss of wages. If you have sustained injuries in a Broward County motorcycle accident, you will need legal assistance in filing your claim for compensation and in negotiating with insurance companies.

Some people who are injured from motorcycle accidents don’t realize that compensation is often their legal right. If you have sustained a motorcycle accident injury, you may be eligible for financial recovery from your devastating loss.

Get Help!

If you have been in a motorcycle accident in South Florida and sustained significant injuries, it is important to talk with an experienced South Florida motorcycle accident attorney. Your attorney can help you prepare your paperwork to get you the compensation you desperately need and deserve.

Contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld to find out what your legal rights are and how to receive help. Call: 954-677-0155 to meet with a skilled motorcycle injury lawyer today.

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