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Current Changes In Florida Seat Belt Law

Fasten your seat belts, Floridians– whether you face a bumpy ride or “smooth sailing” on the road, your seat belt could save your life– and a minimum of $30.00. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Florida Legislature sent a bill to Governor Charlie Crist to sign that permits Florida police officers to ticket drivers for failing to wear seat belts. Under the former law, citations for failing to fasten seat belts could only be issued if drivers were pulled over for another violation. The new bill, which Gov. Crist said he would sign into law, allows for a $30 fine regardless of other actions. Counties can add their own fees to the $30 state ticket fines, as well, setting back seat-belt law offenders between $93 and $119 per violation.

Despite controversy, Florida Rep. Kevin Ambler supports the new change: according to the article, his seat belt saved his life when he was involved in a car accident in 2004. The Sentinel also reports that Florida drivers fall below the 26 states that have similar seat-belt laws in terms of numbers of drivers who wear the safety belts: 82 percent of Floridians wear them, compared to 87 percent in the other states.

Whether you remain in Florida or drive out of state, we recommend that you wear your seat belt at all times. If you have been injured in a car accident (auto accident) and have questions regarding changes in Florida seat belt law, liability, your rights, or how to proceed, feel free to call us at Injury Law Service or order our free book on what to do following a car accident. Ft. Lauderdale experienced injury attorney David Benenfeld will answer your most pressing questions for free with compassion and professionalism. 954-677-0155.

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