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Commonly Asked Questions About Florida Workers’ Compensation


The workers’ compensation system in Florida is complicated, and it can be difficult for injured employees and their families to understand how the system works and what steps must be taken in order to be eligible for compensation from workplace injuries. Our experienced South Florida workers’ compensation attorneys are here to help anyone who has sustained a traumatic injury on the job or has developed a debilitating occupational disease. We want to provide some answers to commonly asked questions about workers’ compensation in Florida.

When Do I Need to Report My Injury?

 Under Florida workers’ compensation law, anyone who sustains an injury on the job should report it to the employer as soon as possible, but within 30 days from the date of the injury. While failing to report your injury to your employer within this 30-day time window can result in you being barred from receiving workers’ compensation benefits, there are some exceptions. For example, if your employer had actual knowledge of your injury, you may still be eligible to obtain benefits. It is important to report the injury as quickly as you can, and if you have already missed the time window, you should seek advice from a lawyer about whether an exception may apply to your case such that you are still eligible for benefits.

Am I Responsible for Paying My Medical Bills Up Front? 

No, you will not be responsible for paying your medical bills. You should also know that medical benefits will start as soon as you have suffered a workplace injury. In other words, Florida law does not require an injured worker to wait for a workers’ compensation claim to be approved before medical benefits can start.

Can I Be Paid for Lost Wages? 

Yes, although Florida workers’ compensation law does not allow you to be paid for the first 7 days of lost work unless your disabling injury prevents you from working for more than 21 days. Your wage replacement benefits will total 66 and 2/3 percent of the average weekly wage you were earning prior to your disabling injury.

Can I Be Paid for Lost Work Time If I am Disabled Only Temporarily? 

Many workers sustain on-the-job injuries from which they will recover, and it is certainly possible to receive shorter term benefits for a temporary disability. Your disability generally must last for more than 7 days for you to be eligible for benefits, but then you can receive temporary benefits for up to 104 weeks depending upon how long your disability lasts.

How Long Will It Take to Get My First Check? 

Generally speaking, an injured worker will need to wait approximately 21 days from reporting his or her injury before receiving a check. However, not everyone will receive a check at the same time, and it is important to work with an attorney to have a better understanding of when you are likely to receive benefits through the Florida workers’ compensation system.

Learn More from Our Pompano Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyers 

If you have any questions or concerns about workers’ compensation, or if you need assistance seeking benefits, an experienced Pompano Beach workers’ compensation attorney at our firm can speak with you today. Contact the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld, P.A. to learn more about the services we provide to injured workers and their families in South Florida.


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