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Collecting Social Security Disability Benefits

If you suffer a disability that makes it impossible to work in any way, you may be eligible to collect Social Security disability benefits.  These benefits are available to people that suffer a long-term illness or disability that lasts for more than twelve months.  This includes any permanent disabilities, including those that you sustain because of injury in the workplace.  The moment you find that you are unable to participate in any substantial employment opportunities, you are eligible to receive these benefits.  There is no waiting period before you can apply.

The claims for Social Security disability benefits can be difficult to navigate, as most legal forms are.  It is important that you do not miss a single step and that you fill out all paperwork as completely and accurately as possible.  Failure to do so may result in receipt of fewer benefits than you are eligible for.  The best way to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits is to engage a Ft. Lauderdale Social Security disability benefits attorney to help guide you through the process.

Statistics show that disabled claimants that have legal representation are more likely to receive their benefits than those that claim without an attorney.  The benefits received are always greater for those that seek legal counsel, too, which leaves no doubt that this is the best solution for anyone that needs Social Security disability benefits.

Your Ft. Lauderdale Social Security disability benefits attorney can guide you through the entire process and help you appeal any rejections that you might receive.  There are several different stages to the process, and it can be overwhelming for citizens that do no understand all that is involved with Social Security benefits.  There are illnesses and injuries that may be excluded from the benefits, and the best way to find out if you are eligible is to speak to a lawyer that fully understands the laws behind Social Security benefits.

If you are worried about being able to afford an attorney, keep in mind that the Social Security Administration must approve all attorneys’ fees.  When your case is finally settled, the fee for your attorney can be set aside from the back benefits.  This means that you will never need to pay any of the expenses out of your own pocket.  Don’t let the fear of attorney fees get in the way of your decision to seek Social Security disability benefits.

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