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Causes Of South Florida Multi Car Pile-Ups

A multiple car pile-up is a traffic accident which involves multiple vehicles. Broward County pile-ups are most deadly when they occur on high speed highways and freeways.

Drivers are often caught off guard when they drive too closely to the car in front of them, which results in their inability to adjust to changes in traffic. Sometimes the driver ahead has car troubles which cause them to stop without notice, and this may also cause a serious pile-up crash. Whenever there is high traffic congestion, the likelihood of increased braking, skidding, and colliding is more likely. Pile-ups occur when multiple drivers follow similar patterns of following too closely or darting in and out of lanes.

As more drivers take on these risky driving behaviors, the perfect scenario for a chain reaction is inevitable. Essentially, the domino effect is seconds away from a fatal disaster which results in a serious multi car pile-up. Broward County pile-ups repeatedly cause serious injuries and even death.

What causes multi car pile-ups?

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in traffic for hours caused by a multi car pile-up, you probably want to know how to avoid getting in one yourself. The following is a list of the most likely causes of multiple car pile-up accidents.

1.    Need for speed! Impatient or inexperienced people who drive too fast are more likely to get into a pile-up crash, especially during weather conditions which reduce visibility. Fog, rain, and snow create conditions which make it impossible for drivers to slow down in time to avoid the domino effect that results from a pile-up crash. Just imagine, if you have several drivers with poor habits such as need for speed, the perfect scene is set for an epic disaster such as the chain reaction of a multi car pile-up.

2.    Give me space! When a driver follows too closely behind another car, the chances of a pile-up literally sky rocket. For example: IF

  • Driver A is driving a safe speed, but
  • Driver B is following too closely behind Driver A,
  • Driver C is also following closely behind Driver B,
  • Driver D is following at safe distance,
  • Driver A slows down,
  • Driver B, C, and D are unable to brake in sufficient time needed to

3.    Distracted Driving. Even though Florida has recently cracked down on texting and driving, individuals who continue to text or use their phones increase their chances of causing multi car pile-ups. Other types of distracted drivers occur when someone is paying more attention to the navigation system, radio, looking at passengers talking, reprimanding children, eating meals in the car, applying make-up, or grabbing for hard-to-reach items.

If you have been involved in a multiple car pile-up accident in South Florida, it is highly likely that you sustained serious injuries from a life-threatening experience. Your Broward County auto accident attorney can help you prepare your paperwork to get the results you are looking for. Contact Attorney David M. Benenfeld today for more information.

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