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Broward County Nursing Home Abuse Claims for Bedsores

Question: My aunt has been confined to a wheelchair within a Broward County nursing home for years, and has developed horrible bedsores. Do you know if I might have a case for nursing home abuse related to bedsores?

Answer: Bedsores result from prolonged pressure between the skin’s tissue and another surface, such as a bed, or wheelchair. The lesions, or pressure sores, often develop on the skin’s bony body parts (knees, buttocks, tail bone).

If a patient develops bedsores while residing within a nursing home that is funded by the federal government, then it is legally considered punishable by the court. In order to prove a nursing home’s negligence the following criteria must be met:

  1. Proof of care provided by nursing home/hospital to individual patient.
  2. Proof that the nursing home demonstrated a breach of their duty of care. Proof that the negligence of care led to the bedsores.
  3. Proof that the bedsores caused further damages.

If you or a loved one has bedsores due to nursing home abuse or neglect within Broward County, they may be eligible to collect compensation.  A Broward County nursing home abuse attorney can help. Contact David M. Benenfeld to discuss suspected abuse of your loved one.

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