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Bicycle Accidents: Facts, Tips, & Statistics

Palm Beach County and surrounding areas have seen a recent rise in bicycle accidents. In order to ensure that you are safe in your vehicle or on a bicycle, consider the following information. First and foremost, remember that bicyclists have the same rights (as well as responsibilities) as drivers of other vehicles. If you a driving a car, SUV, truck, or another vehicle, remember to check your blind spot and mirrors as often as possible for bicyclists in the roadway. If you are riding a bike, remember that many drivers fail to check their blind spots and mirrors for other vehicles on the road, putting your safety at risk. As a bicyclist, keep the following tips for avoiding an automobile-bicycle collision in mind as you navigate the roadway:

Always wear a helmet, and consider putting reflective tape on your helmet if you plan to ride at night.

Do not cut off other drivers, no matter what. They may not see you if you do so.

If you are making a left-hand turn, do not stay in the designated bicycle lane to make the turn; merge into the left lane and then turn.

When traveling through intersections, stay in the normal line of traffic rather than riding beside cars in the bicycle lane to ensure that cars can see you as they navigate the intersections.

Keep both hands on your bike’s handlebars for maximum control.

If your bicycle does not have mirrors, add them before riding again, and check them often as you ride.

If you ride at night, make sure your bicycle has a light.

Use proper hand signals when turning.

Important statistics from the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute:

Bike riders who do not wear helmets are 14 times more likely to be killed in a roadway accident than those who wear helmets.

More than 60 percent of fatalities from bicycle accidents result from head injuries.

Using a helmet could prevent an estimated 45% to 88% of bicycle accident-related brain injuries.

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, do not hesitate to contact experienced and compassionate bicycle accident attorney David Benenfeld. He only represents the injured, never the criminal defendant, and he will answer your most pressing questions for free at no obligation to you. See below for contact information or how to request a free copy of David Benenfeld’s auto accident book.

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