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Beware Of These Signs Of Florida Nursing Home Financial Abuse

Most people are aware of physical and sexual abuse signs and know what to look for at a Florida nursing home their aging parent resides at, but many people do not know that elder financial abuse could be occurring right under their nose because the signs are more subtle. Do you know what signs to look for?

There are many signs that you should become aware of in order to help identify if your elderly loved one is being financially exploited. Some financial abuse signs include:

  • Losses of personal property and valuables
  • Unexplained purchases
  • Unexplained withdrawals from the bank
  • Overdrawing the bank account
  • Increased credit card activity
  • New loans
  • Newly authorized signers on accounts
  • Refinancing to pull cash out
  • Changes in property titles and deeds
  • New mortgage in their name
  • Power of Attorney document changes
  • Revisions to their trust and will

Sometimes there are other signs such as a loved one becoming more and more weak. This could occur because an abuser may be harming them, isolating them, neglecting them, or failing to feed them so that they are compliant to the abuser’s wishes. However, sometimes weakness can simply occur from aging. Additional behavioral signs could include thumb sucking, rocking, biting, or withdrawing from common things once loved.

Because signs of financial abuse are not so visible, it is important to ask nursing home patients about their situation and be on the lookout for the signs listed above. However, sometimes a sign may be that your loved one is reluctant to share financial information with you because he or she is afraid or embarrassed of what’s taking place. If you notice financial activity that is not consistent with your love one’s financial history, or if many changes have been made, you need to notify a South Florida nursing home abuse attorney to find out what your next steps should be and more about your rights.

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