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Be A Role Model To Help Kids Avoid Bicycle Accidents In Florida

Kids love to ride their bikes; however, the only way children know how to ride their bicycles safely is from watching their parents. This means that parents have a very important job to teach their children how to ride their bicycles safely.

It is essential that parents remember it’s not just about what they tell their children, but it’s equally as important to lead by example and show their kids how to ride safely. When parents do this, they are helping reduce their kids’ risk of being in a crash. For example, adults in Florida don’t have to wear bicycle helmets. However, it is a good idea that parents get into the habit of putting on their helmets when riding bikes with their children.

Young children are impressionable and want to do what their parents do. This is why parents need to realize their influence on their children and to enforce good bicycle habits early on. This way, their kids will understand roadway safety and will be at a reduced risk for bicycle accidents in Florida.

Some of the things parents can do to model good bicycle tips in order to help keep their children safe includes:

  • Always wear their bicycle helmets
  • Always abide by the road rules
  • Don’t cross the street without using a crosswalk or fail to follow traffic signals
  • Always pay attention to the road and traffic
  • Never listen to music or wear a hands-free cell phone device
  • Always wear bright clothing
  • Equip the bicycles with the proper lights and reflectors
  • Learn the hand signals to signal lane changes

When parents do these things, children will follow their example and do a better job of riding safely to avoid being in a South Florida bike accident. However, even the safest parents and children can still suffer a bicycle injury due to negligent drivers. If you or your child has been harmed as a result of a careless driver, you should contact the Law Office of David Benenfeld. By calling 954-677-0155, you can get your questions answered in a free consultation with an experienced Broward County accident attorney. Don’t delay; call today!

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