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Are You A Victim Of A Super Bowl Drunk Driving Accident In Florida?

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest one-day sporting event in our nation. It is a fun day for most people, as fans cheer on their favorite teams and view the new television commercials that tend to be funny. While many people anticipate the day due to the big game, others look forward to it because they have an excuse to party.

Although throwing a Super Bowl party or attending a Super Bowl party isn’t a crime, nor is having an alcoholic drink, it’s what happens afterwards that is the crime. Many fans and partygoers get in their vehicles and attempt to drive home intoxicated. Unfortunately, the number of alcohol-related crashes on Super Bowl Sunday tends to be higher than on other Sundays—making Super Bowl Sunday a dangerous day.

Based on crash statistics, 38 percent of car roadway deaths on Super Bowl Sunday of 2012 were connected to drunk driving. That’s eight percent higher than an average weekend, according to the National Traffic Safety Administration. Unfortunately, Super Bowl Sunday has been and continues to be notorious for impaired driving.

Although law enforcement agencies across Florida and across this nation warn motorists prior to Super Bowl not to drive drunk and they are out in full force to crack down on drunk drivers and fatal crashes, there are still innocent drivers and passengers who suffer injuries as a result of other drivers’ choices to drive under the influence.

If you have suffered harm in a drunk driving accident in Florida as a result of an intoxicated driver on game day, you deserve to be compensated for your damages. Damages can include compensation for your hospital bills, doctor’s appointments, prescription costs, physical therapy expenses, lost income, and more. If your injuries are debilitating or permanent and affect you working in the future, you are also entitled to future lost wages and benefits and future medical care. Additionally, you may be entitled to punitive damages.

Because many drunk driving crashes are violent, often times they result in fatalities. If your loved one was killed because someone had one too many drinks watching Super Bowl and then got in their car to drive home, you and your family are entitled to justice and adequate compensation for your damages and losses.

For help holding the drunk driver responsible and getting the compensation you deserve, contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld at 954-677-0155 for a complimentary consultation with a skilled South Florida accident attorney.

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