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Are Florida Obesity Patients Eligible For Social Security Benefits?

Obesity is about more than just looks.

More than one third of Americans are obese. Medical costs needed to treat obesity run over $150 billion every year. Obesity is also the second highest preventable disease in America. Nevertheless, coping with the health implications associated with obesity is typically overwhelming when treatment becomes more complicated.

Florida individuals who battle the bulge understand that being overweight can quickly take a toll on many areas of their lives. To be obese, is to have an excessive amount of body fat. How excessive? That’s the tricky part.

Being overweight isn’t so much about how much you weigh, as it is about the proportion between your height and weight. The BMI will calculate your  body mass index by dividing your weight by height. If an individual’s BMI is over 25, that person is considered overweight; over 30 obese, and over 40 extreme/morbidly obese.

What causes obesity?

  • Sitting: Lack of activity is the number one cause, resulting in absorbing more calories than you burn.

  • Overeating: Eating too much junk food, and not enough healthy food.

  • Not enough sleep: Causes change in hormones that make you crave carbohydrates.

  • Pregnancy: Too much weight gain during pregnancy leading to difficulty to take it off after the baby is born.

  • Medications: Certain meds tend to cause weight gain.

  • A different medical issue: Some medical problems make people prone to obesity.

Obese People Are More at Risk

Individuals who are obese are at risk for developing other serious health problems.

  • Breast Cancer
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Gallbladder Disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Colon Cancer
  • Hypertension
  • Stroke

Persons who are obese are more likely to have one of the serious health problems listed above, than those who are not obese. For that reason, it is often the case that obese individuals find it difficult to stay employed. In that case, it may become necessary for them to seek Social Security disability benefits for obesity.

Get Help!

Before you apply for SSDI, it is essential to learn what you will need to qualify. Social Security no longer acknowledges obesity as a qualifying impairment by itself.

To qualify for Social Security disability benefits, the individual must be diagnosed with obesity plus one of the following:

  1. Limitations that are equal to an impairment listing-this includes the inability to walk effectively.
  2. Cause or contribute to other impairment-such as the at risk impairments that are listed above.

It is important to hire a South Florida disability attorney that knows how to navigate you through a successful claim for Social Security benefits for obesity. You may be eligible to receive compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and living expenses as a result of this disabling condition.

Contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld for a free legal consultation to determine if you have a case. Call 954-677-0155.

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