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Accessing Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Florida For Paraplegics

Many work-related accidents cause spinal cord injuries. Unfortunately, one common yet serious reality of this injury is paraplegia.  According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, over 40 percent of spinal cord injury victims suffer from paraplegia. While many people who suffer from these types of injuries were injured in motor vehicle accidents, many were victims of workplace accidents.

When workers suffer from paraplegia, they will lose feeling and mobility in their toes, feet, and legs. Sometimes, part of their abdomen and trunk may be impaired as well. Depending on the type of paraplegia, some people may experience some feeling. For example, a worker who suffers from complete paraplegia will feel nothing or have no movement from the waist down, whereas someone with incomplete paraplegia may experience some feeling and little movement.

Paraplegia causes loss of function of the bowels, bladder, and reproductive system. It can also cause motor or sensory function loss and circulatory and respiratory issues. In some cases, with enough therapy, victims have been able to regain some feeling and movement; however, therapy can take a lot of time and money.

Needless to say, this type of work injury is a difficult one to say the least that is also expensive. From needing a wheelchair to therapy, assistance, and ongoing medical treatment, paraplegia victims will need maximum workers’ compensation benefits in Florida to get the care they need.

Because these types of cases are often in the millions of dollars due to the need for lifetime treatment and lifetime wages, paraplegic victims or their families should make sure they have the right attorney on their side. To make sure you get the maximum compensation in your case, contact a skilled workers’ comp attorney in Florida to learn about your rights to workers’ compensation benefits.

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