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5 Common Terms In Workers Compensation Cases

ILS-Nursing-Abuse-250x190 be many words and phrases you are simply not familiar with.

Don’t worry – most people don’t understand what these words and phrases really mean!  If you are dealing with a workers compensation claim on your behalf, you should take the time to become more familiar with common terms in workers compensation cases so you can follow your claim’s progress.

  1. Alternative work: Rather than providing job displacement benefits, your previous employer can provide you with alternative work which must meet your physical capabilities, pay at least 85% of what you were previously earning, last at least 12 months, and meet other requirements.

  2. Apportionment: This is a method of calculating how much of your permanent disability is due to work injuries and how much is due to a previous injury or disability.

  3. Cumulative Injury: An injury caused at work that is due to repeated motions, repeated duties, or repeated exposure to certain environments.  It is an injury that develops over time.

  4. Impairment Rating: A rating that determines how much of the “normal use” of your body or limbs you’ve lost due to your workplace injury.

  5. Objective Factors: Measurements, test results, and direct observations taken by a medical examiner or a physician which they say are things that contribute to your permanent disability.

If you’re dealing with workers compensation cases claims for injuries sustained on the job, contact an attorney immediately!  The Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld P.A are here to protect your interests and defend your rights.

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