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When Traveling In A Group Of Motorcycles For Short Or Long Rides, What Are The Best Ways To Avoid Getting In An Accident?

Most motorcyclists who belong to a motorcycle club or a riding club usually have highly defined rules and regulations which help prevent accidents from occurring. However, not all motorcycle accidents are preventable, since research has determined that most are caused by drivers of passenger vehicles.  And, not everyone who travels in a group belongs to a MC with specific rules and guidelines. Motorcyclists are 35 times greater to die in an accident than anyone traveling in any other type of vehicle, according to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and 75% of those accidents involve another vehicle.

Safety Tips for Motorcycle Group Riding Have a plan. Meet before the ride and determine route, roles, and signals.

  1. Ride in formation. (Leader-left 1/3 of lane, 2nd rider travels in right 1/3 of lane and at least one second behind, and so forth for the remaining riders).
  2. Assign a Leader and a Tail Rider. Select the most experienced riders.
  3. Limit group size. Accident stats show it’s safer to travel in groups fewer than five.
  4. Designate a boy scout. Make sure one rider is carrying a first-aid kit and tool kit.
  5. Curvy/dangerous roads. Make a single-file line, just like kindergarten.

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