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Why Are Sportbike Accidents In South Florida More Serious Than Cruiser Motorcycle Accidents?

In large part, sportbike accidents in Broward County are more serious than cruiser type motorcycle accidents, simply due to the nature and design of the bike. Cruisers are known for providing an easy and manageable power delivery, which also offers a more comfortable ride. Sportbikes are built for speed and many bikers who ride these bikes aren’t experienced. But, then again, neither are the passenger vehicle drivers that share the road with motorcycles. That is, most motorcycle accidents, whether it is of sportbike or cruiser, are actually caused by a passenger car or truck.

Just last month, Florida State’s tight end, Nick O’Leary, was riding his sportbike in Tallahassee when a Lexus pulled out in front of him, struck him broadside, causing him to slide 100 feet while his bike crashed into the windshield of a huge metro bus. Don’t know O’Leary? He was 2011’s top tight end in our nation.

Nothing short of a miracle, nobody can figure how O’Leary walked away with only minor injuries. Authorities cited the Lexus driver as causing the crash.

Don’t let yourself be deceived, statistics prove that fatalities drastically increase for sportbike accidents in South Florida. If you have been injured in an accident that involved a sportbike, contact the Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld P.A to discuss  your case.

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