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What Is The Difference Between A Wrongful Death Lawsuit For Manufacturing Defects And Design Defects? They Sound Like One In The Same?

When a Florida resident dies as the result of a defective product, then the family may have grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Two categories which often confuse consumers are design defects and manufacturing defects. A skilled Broward County Wrongful Death Attorney is trained to know the difference and ascertain how to best navigate your case.

Dangerous products that have design defects mean that a fatal error occurred within the original blueprint. For example, if a car manufacturer has a defective design which causes the vehicle to explode upon impact, then this may be considered grounds for wrongful death. It is the auto manufacturer’s responsibility to produce superior design for the consumer’s highest safety.

On the other hand, the product design may not be flawed, but the execution, or rather the manufacturing of the product, may be defective. For example, there is likely an error on the assembly line or perhaps the product was poorly constructed. Wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers, are each liable for products with design defects and manufacturing defects.

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