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What Are Some Signs Of Child Abuse To Watch Out For?

A: Child abuse in Florida is not just sexual abuse and does not always occur at home. It can also be physical abuse as well as emotional and verbal abuse. If your child attends organizations such as clubs, daycare, school etc., you should be on the lookout for signs of physical abuse, which could be bruising, cuts, broken limbs, as well as other emotional signs.

Some signs of child abuse to watch out for in older children that are not as noticeable could include pulling away from social settings, withdrawn, and not wanting to attend school, clubs or organizations that the child use to like attending. Other signs of child abuse for younger children may include regressive behaviors like bed wetting or separation anxiety. Younger and older children will often exhibit different types of signs after being victims of child abuse in Florida.

If your child has been a victim of child abuse in Florida, please call the Law Office of David Benenfeld at 954-677-0155 today to speak with a skilled Fort Lauderdale injury attorney. We will provide you with a free legal consultation at a convenient time for you.

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