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I’ve Heard Self-Driving Commercial Trucks Will Be Showing Up On The Roads In The Near Future, And I Want To Know If They Will Cause More Harm To Motorists?

As automakers have begun making self-driving cars to some degree, makers of commercial trucks are also planning on rolling out self-driving trucks—although probably not for a decade. The thought is that a self-driving semi would help decrease trucking accident injuries and fatalities.

Although a commercial truck will never be driverless, technologies would help the truck stay in its lane. This is very important because many truck drivers are too tired and fall asleep at the wheel—endangering the lives of those sharing the road with them. With this technology, trucking accidents in Florida and nationwide would decrease as a result of drowsy drivers.

The technology would include cameras and radar sensors to analyze the road and traffic in order to keep a semi in its lane; however, a truck driver would still be required to merge into traffic and enter and exit the interstate.

Because the technology is so new, it still poses a safety concern to the public; however, it might cut down on the crashes that kill thousands of motorists every year. If you or someone you love is ever injured in a crash with a truck, it is important that you contact a skilled Broward County injury lawyer to learn about your rights. You can reach the Law Offices of David Benenfeld at 954-677-0155 for a free consultation today.

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