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I’ve Heard Of Cars Showing Road Rage Towards Bicycles. I Recently Heard Of “Bike Rage”. Is It Also True That Bicyclists Show Road Rage To Other Bicyclists? What Causes Bike Rage?

Broward County bike rage is a sad but true phenomenon. When cyclists show rage towards pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, or vehicles, this is considered an act of aggression now referred to as “bike rage”. Bike rage includes hostile behaviors such as hitting or smacking the vehicle, bike, or person, making verbal threats, shouting, obscene gestures, etc.

Bike rage usually occurs when cyclists feel that their safety is at risk, or another person or vehicle is trying to harm them or their bike. One glance at Broward County’s congestive grid locks provides clear proof of stress that cyclists experience at all times. Criminal cases have found cyclists to intentionally harm each other while passing. While major metropolitan areas have provided roadways that are intended to be shared by cyclists and motorists, the rules are still easily misunderstood — leading to high rates of conflict.

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