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I Live In Florida And Suspect There Is Elder Abuse Going On In A Nursing Home In South Florida Where My Mother Is Staying. I Have Noticed A Sudden Weight Loss And Bruises On Her Body. Could This Be Elder Abuse? What Can I Do?

A: The first thing you must do is make sure your mother is safe. Talk to the caregivers at the nursing home in South Florida and ask questions. Find out how your mother got the bruises. Listen to what she has to say.

If it was from an accident that can be explained by the caregiver, take notes of the incident. Ask to see your mother’s charts to see what intake of food she is getting. Is your mother refusing to eat? If so, find out why.

Whenever you suspect there may be elder abuse taking place, you need to get all the facts. Talk to other patients in the nursing home and observe their body language, any suspicious marks on their bodies and what they have to say.

Visit your mother at different times at the nursing home to see what treatment is being given. Go at mealtime to see if your mother is eating and what is being served.

If after your investigation you feel that elder abuse in the South Florida nursing home is taking place, you can report elder abuse to Florida’s state agency at Adult Protective Services.

Contact a nursing home elder abuse attorney immediately. An experienced elder abuse attorney in South Florida like David Benenfeld, can help you remove your mother from the nursing home facility and begin any investigations and legal process that is needed.

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