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How Much Is My Motorcycle Injury Claim Worth That Involves PTSD?

If you are suffering from PTSD, then you already know that this condition can turn your world upside down. You may have never before had anxiety, worried, lived in fear, or had trouble in social settings, but now you do. Not only may you be in a constant state of worry, but PTSD may be affecting your family life and work life—causing you major problems.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to put a price tag on your mental health and the value of your life before the accident. This is why we cannot give you a specific dollar amount that your case is worth. We will look at your physical injuries and treatment, as well as your emotional and mental injuries and treatment to determine the value of your case. Additionally, PTSD may affect you from getting a promotion at work or keeping your career on track, which can also add to your case worth.

Depending on the severity of your condition and how long you will need treatment for PTSD will determine the value of your case. Following your South Florida motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your physical injuries, psychological injuries, treatment, lost income, mental anguish, pain and suffering, and other damages. Sometimes, PTSD can affect someone for life, which is why all PTSD sufferers should seek legal help.

At the Law Offices of David Benenfeld, you can meet with an experienced Broward County injury lawyer in a free consultation to learn more about the value of your case. Contact us at 954-677-0155 today.

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