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3 Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

ImageStatistically motorcycle accidents happen no more frequently than automobile accidents. But federal government studies have determined the chances of serious personal injury resulting in death are 35 times greater when a motorcycle is involved. Educating yourself of three of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents, will help you prevent these tragedies from occurring.

  • 42% of all car versus motorcycle accidents happens when an automobile is trying to make a left hand turn. Generally the car hits the motorcycle because the cyclist is trying to pass the car and beat the car through the intersection.

  • Because of a motorcycle’s size and instability, accidents involving road hazards, which would be of little consequence to a 4,000 pound car can cause a serious accident to the average motorcyclist. Gravel, especially on secondary roads, is a very common concern for motorcycle riders.

  • An accident between a fixed object and an automobile has a lesser chance of causing death or serious injury than between the same object and a motorcycle. In fact, 25% of all motorcycle accidents resulting in death are due to a stationary object.

Motorcycle accidents with injuries are a traumatic occurrence and one that frequently requires the services of a caring attorney. If you live in the South Florida area and have been involved in a motorcycle accident please contact the Law Offices of David N. Benenfeld today for more information.

Photo Source: Wikimedia

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