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Hurt On The Job In Florida – What Are My Rights?

cover of Hurt On The Job bookletYou work hard for a living. Now you’ve been injured on the job, and you wonder whether you’ll get any money from your employer while you recuperate and if you’ll receive assistance with medical costs associated with your injuries. What are you going to do to obtain the help you need?

This booklet describes what you need to know when dealing with the Florida Workers’ Compensation system. And there is plenty you should know, because this so-called “self-executing” system is anything but self-executing. You have to take the initiative, learn how Florida Workers’ Compensation works, and understand the do’s and don’ts of navigating your way through “The System.” If you don’t understand your rights and follow the guidelines I’ve outlined in this booklet, you could make mistakes that prove fatal in filing a successful claim.

Hurt On The Job In Florida—What Are My Rights?

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