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Workers’ Compensation For Florida Electric Shock Injuries On The Job

An electric shock injury can occur anywhere, but it is more common in the workplace.  Professions, such as construction workers, electricians, cable workers and others are at a high risk of a Florida electric shock injury. An electric shock injury can occur from defective or damaged equipment or machinery, defective wires, high voltage power lines, a damaged power line or a frayed electrical cord.

Electricity travels in closed circuits that are normally through a conductor.  Sometimes a person’s body can become a conductor of electricity and mistakenly becomes part of the electric circuit.  With this happening it can cause an electrical shock or electrocution. Electric shock injuries can occur when a person’s body completes the current circuit path with:

  • both wires of an electrical path
  • one wire of an energized circuit and the ground
  • metal that becomes energized from a conductor that has a current.

When a Fort Lauderdale electric shock injury occurs, it is not unusual for the injury to not have severe outwardly evidence. Sometimes an electric shock injury can result in just feeling a slight tingling sensation to experiencing an immediate cardiac arrest.  The severity of the electric shock injury is dependent on several factors, including:

  • The strength and amount of current that entered the body.
  • The path the current traveled
  • The length of time the current penetrated the body

When an electric current travels through the body, the soft tissues and internal organs create an easy path for the electrical current to follow. Serious damage can result destroying muscles, nerves, and organs.

An on the job South Florida electric shock injury can be serious.  A Florida electric shock injury at work is covered under workers’ compensation insurance.  An experienced injury attorney in South Florida can review your case and determine the reason the accident happened and prepare a Florida workers’ compensation claim to help you recover damages for your electric shock injury.

If you have been injured on the job from a Florida electric shock injury, contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld to speak with a workers’ compensation attorney in South Florida at, 954-807-1334 for a free consultation. You can also receive my FREE book, Hurt on the Job in Florida: What Are My Rights?

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